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Software produced within the Nonlinear Dynamics Workgroup.

Our workgroup produces software written in several programming languages.  There is a set of legacy programs created in Fortran and in C++.  Newer versions of the software are assembled in more productive environments such as Python or MATLAB.  Some of this software is available upon request.  However the workgroup also publishes a software package detailed below.



The INTERACT Toolbox is a MATLAB toolbox for analysis of interactions in time series with focus on phase dynamics. Using the toolkit common tasks can be performed with a call of a function.  Specifically, the toolkit allows the user to:

  • extract phase from time series,
  • compute various dependence indices (mean phase coherence, mutual information, conditional probability),
  • compute conditional mutual information (using the equiquantal binning method),
  • construct surrogate time series (using phases or using amplitude time series),
  • integrate various dynamical models and perform model testing experiments.

With the above toolbox the full range of weak interactions between a pair of systems can be analyzed.  The toolbox is scheduled tp be extended with functions for multidimensional time series analysis in the near future.


NDW-Graph Toolbox

The NDW-Graph Toolbox is C++ toolbox with interface to Matlab for analysis of large networks of several types (unweighted, weighted, ...). Among others functionalities one can use this toolbox for:

  • compute basic graph characteristics like degree, density, strength, clustering coefficient, etc.,
  • compute distance matrix and several other derived characteristics like characteristic path length, efficiency, transitivity, etc.,
  • determine number of components and their actual structure,
  • compute several centrality indices like closeness, betweenness centrality, etc.,
  • compute some other characteristics like assortative coefficient, average nearest neighbors,
  • compute small-wolrd coefficients.

Although the toolbox is already functional, it is still under development and some parts can be missing.