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Details of the participation of the workgroup in the HPC-Europa project.


The goal of the HPC-Europa project is to provide scientists from the European Union access to high performance computing resources. Focus is on scientists that do not otherwise have access to such resources. Applicants must request access to supercomputers outside their own country (transnational access). The project ends December 2007.

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In the European Union there are six participating supercomputer centers:

  • EPCC Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
  • SARA Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • IDRIS Lyon, France
  • BSC Barcelona, Spain
  • HLRS Stuttgart, Germany
  • CINECA Bologna, Italy


During the project EPCC (Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre) was visited and provided access to the following supoercomputers:


During the visit at EPCC in January and February 2007 several large scale studies requiring high performance computing capabilities were completed.