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Website of the Nonlinear Dynamics Workgroup

Welcome to the Website of the Nonlinear Dynamics Workgroup.


Welcome to the website of the Nonlinear Dynamics Workgroup (NDW) led by Milan Paluš.  The workgroup is a part of the Department of Nonlinear Modeling of the Institute of Computer Science which is an institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences.


Research Statement

The Nonlinear Dynamics Workgroup concentrates it's efforts on the detection and characterization of nonlinear phenomena in time series recorded from complex systems.  Based on ideas from theory of nonlinear dynamical systems, deterministic chaos and information theory we develop methods and algorithms suitable for analysis of multivariate time series of various origins, ranging from atmospheric dynamics to signals recording the activity of the human brain. Mechanisms underlying observed complex behaviour are researched and a range of phenomena from nonlinearity to causality are identified. Tools for studying interactions, namely for identification of dependence, synchronization and causality are developed. Some of these tools are available on this website.



There are currently four members: